How to find events bound on an element with jQuery


If you need to find a way to get the list off all the events bound on an element here is a code that you can use.

My example cover event delegation just to show how these events are displayed in the console.


	click: function(){ console.log("click") },
    mouseout: function(){ console.log("mouseout") }

//test event delegation
jQuery("myelemnt").on("click","a", function(){
	console.log("a click");
jQuery("myelemnt").on("mouseout","a", function(){
	console.log("a mouseout");

//for jQuery 1.8 +
var $events = jQuery._data(jQuery("myelemnt")[0], "events" );
//for jQuery 1.7 and below
//var $events = jQuery('myelemnt').data('events');

//validate if the element has an event attached
if(typeof $events != "undefined"){
	//iteration to get each one of the handlers
	jQuery.each($events, function(i, event){
		jQuery.each(event, function(i, handler){
			console.log(handler); // write on console the handler

Output example:


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I really hope you find this information useful.