How to submit a Google Form with ajax

google_driveKudos to my colleague, Ernesto Rivera, who finally discover how to  submit a Google Form (data) using Ajax, I just help partially and share with you the link to our solution.

In summary: in our scenario we don’t wanted to show the default Google Form since it doesn’t looks nice in our design but we need the Spreadsheet that Google Forms use.

Also, we detected two cases on witch Google Forms works:

  1. In old Forms (we assume before Google Drive), Google send the data to a Google Spreadsheet directly:
  2. In new Forms Google use the Form itself and no the Spreadsheet to send the data:

If you want to see how it’s done, read Sending data to Google docs from your web page, using your own form and AJAX! in the Base22 Knowledge Wiki.

We really hope you find this information useful.